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http://www.cookincanuck.com/2014/11/cinnamon-roasted-brussels-sprouts-with-toasted-almonds/ (via shareaholic)


1 lb. Brussels sprouts, trimmed & cut in half lengthwise
1 tbsp olive oil
.5 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
.25 tsp ground pepper
1/3 cup dried cranberries
3 tbsp slivered almonds


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.
In a medium-sized bowl, toss the Brussels sprouts with the olive oil, cinnamon, salt and pepper until coated. Transfer to the baking sheet.
Roast until the Brussels sprouts are starting to brown and are just tender when pierced with a fork, about 20 minutes.
Add the dried cranberries and slivered almonds to the pan. Cook for additional 5 minutes. Serve.


From the kitchen of Cookin' Canuck | cookincanuck.com

To expand a bit on a facebook post:

When I wake up with a headache -- like today -- it is usually very slow to go away, even with lots of advil and coffee. Sometimes it is bad enough that I prefer to stay in bed. I don't always get to do so, and I really only stay home from work for a true migraine. Today's headache got a little better with medicines, but even now I still feel it pulsing behind my eye, several hours later. But I wanted to go to martial arts practice because I had missed a session earlier in the week due to just being tired and rushed.

When we got to the Chi Institute, I can't say I felt any better, but mostly the act of moving around and concentrating on the activity took my mind off the pain. I was kind of rough after practicing the third dan forms for testing (next month!), but I got a little break while assisting the lower ranks working on the staff defense routine. Then I walked them though the circuit training (I realize now we forgot to do some steps but o well) and conditioning.

So huzzah, props, kudos to Tang Soo Do for making / helping / empowering me to accomplish more than I expected on a day I wasn't feeling very well.

What was I hearing?: tool - eulogy

machete kills - 70s style grindhouse movie, although there must be some parody there too, because Charlie Sheen is the president with 3 women in bed with him, and Mel Gibson is the bad guy -- I am kind of surprised that MG would agree to take that role, actually.
ender's game - same problem I always have: the kid is supposed to be six when he starts, and maybe twelve when the final battle happens. I'll grant you that you would really need to take six years to film a movie to get the right age progression for a kid that young, but they really could have made him look smaller and scrawnier than all the others at least. And despite all this, I will still go see it.
getaway - starring the Shelby Cobra, and some dude name Ethan Hawke as the driver.
secret life of walter mitty - Ben Stiller. Good source material. Has potential.
captain phillips - based on a true story of pirates taking over a cargo ship in the not-too-distant past. Tom Hanks. Appeared that there is more to the pirates than just "we are bad guys give us moneys hahahaha."
don jon - the secret inner life of a Jersey Guido? With the kid from Third Rock from the Sun? not my first choice...
about time - time-traveling groundhog day. Looks cute and British and warm-fuzzy, and surely there will be drama. If anything, it looks original (i.e., not based on a franchise that already exists) so for that alone we should give it a chance.

feature: World's End
A fun romp. I found this post in my saved drafts folder, and I find that now, as back in August, I don't really have much more to say about the movie than that.

What was I hearing?: skinny puppy - assimilate


Ender's Game -- I still think the main kid doesn't look significantly smaller than his classmates. But the Battle Room looks good.
Endymion -- I did like the director's work on District 9. I might wait for dvd though.
Gravity -- no. the tension in space was good, astronauts flying out of control and all, but it was TOO LOUD.
Riddick -- not my thing. also too loud (notice I did not use caps lock, because at least Riddick happens in atmo)
Anchorman 2 -- what? is it set in space or an alternate future too?

[one of these things is not like the others...]

We saw this in imax 3d. It looked really good, not like the 3d was an afterthought like some shows. I'm not sure it was double the price of a normal ticket worth it though, but that's how our friends wanted to see it, and they give in to my non-3d wishes a lot, so I felt I should reciprocate.

it was a fun splodo movie as long as you remember that it is basically anime with actors, with a little bit Top Gun, a little bit Independence Day thrown in. They clearly live in a different universe, since targeted drone strikes and laser guided missiles no longer keep soldiers away from most harm, and where building mechs for hand to hand fighting with monsters is a good idea. Even the mechs with missiles only fire them point blank. Of course, most of the monsters are faster than you'd expect, so they close range quickly anyway.

a good afternoon. before the show, we spent some time at the mall. I wanted to get some new music or maybe a new book. However, there is nowhere at the Mall anymore to buy these things. The closest book store is BN at Perkins Rowe, the shopping centre of tiny parking. I guess the last cd store in BR is Fye on that street that crosses College by the interstate. I hate that road, but maybe if I go early enough on Monday I can not get stuck in traffic. Also, I can take a swing through the used bookstore and maybe even the Korean market.


also, preview for The Wolverine. -- I haven't actually seen the other standalone Wolverine movie(s?), but the theme of this one seems to be the nature of Wolvie's powers, and what happens when he no longer has ultra-healing, and (supposedly) immortality.  It might be worth seeing if there is a limit to the shakycam.

actually, I haven't done one of these in ages...

Gundam Mobile Suit

Is war the birth of battles, or is it the human soul?

Take this quiz

I really wish I'd gotten battle of the planets (aka G-force), that was always my favorite.

What was I hearing?: early music - tabourot: belle qui teins ma vie

today I heard:

cousin silas - 2012 - the path between the trees -- way too mellow; sometimes I couldn't even tell if it was still running in the background

cynic - 1993 - focus

dark suns - 2011 - orange

de staat - 2011 - machinery

dead can dance - 1994 - toward the within

deepspacepilots - 2011 - deepspacepilots

deuter - 2012 - flowers of silence -- lovely japanese inspired sounds

What was I hearing?: Dark Suns - Toy

chthonic - 2011 - takasago army
colin everingham - 2006 - skies of error

What was I hearing?: Colin Everingham - In Memory, Differences Collide

Kumbia Kings - fuego
cab - symphony soldier
courtesy - idmatic
glorie - falling
karma to burn

What was I hearing?: Calexico - All the Pretty Horses

today I listened to

alan parsons - 2004 - a valid path
alio die - 2011 - honeysuckle -- calm and soothing;
angel - 2011 - 26000 -- mechanical and industrial;
arms and sleepers - 2011 - nostalgia for the absolute -- some piano instrumentals in there, which I love; I will save this for later
ash dargan - 2009 - phaoroh's dreamtime -- Australian digeridoo meets yoga music....

What was I hearing?: Body & Soul - Serenity Shores

first official day of summer. Most daylight time of the year. In honor of my Memphis trip coming up next week, I listened to some Memphis bands. And then other things too.

the switchblade kid - 2012 - the switchblade kid -- very rough, least polished of all these
skewby - 2010 - more or less -- Memphis styled hip-hop; not a genre I'm very experinced in, but it's part of the culture.
courtesy™ - 2011 - idmatic -- I will listen to this again; I don't even know how to describe it though. You can try it yourself by following the link.
glorie - 2013 - falling -- instrumental little gems
lucero - 2012 - women and work -- some alt-country rock

- - - -

alabama shakes - 2012 - boys and girls -- folksy
amiina - 2013 - the lighthouse project -- chill and ambient

What was I hearing?: Alan Parsons - We Play the Game
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